Remote Monitoring Solution Advantages

Today the advent of internet-of-things (IOT) has created unique possibilities for businesses today . No matter if you’re a utility that’s remotely monitoring dissolved oxygen levels in a fish pond or temperature/humidity levels in an operation theater, IOT technology keeps you connected to your biggest priorities when manual monitoring is not an option or is very expensive. CZIOT Remote Monitoring solutions provide real-time visibility into critical operations so that you can quickly identify issues and resolve them.
1. Easily manage industrial systems and services.
2. Run smooth, cost-effective operations with secure updates from the cloud.
3. Enhance services and generate new lines of revenue.
4. Boost productivity and safety by staying on top of your critical operations.
5. Prepare and respond to unexpected events more effectively
The intent behind design of Remote monitoring systems is to monitor and control complex facilities such as factories, Cold chains, Fish ponds, High Security installations with some degree of automation.

A remote monitoring system may receive data from sensors, telemetry streams, user inputs, and pre-programmed procedures. The software may send commands to actuators, computer systems, or other devices.

Once limited to manufacturing scenario like SCADA , remote monitoring and control is now applied in numerous fields, including:
• Smart grids
• Positive train control
• Structural health monitoring
• Pipeline sensors
• Patient monitoring
• Desktop/server monitoring

While this field overlaps with machine to machine communications, the two are not identical.
Business owners and managers alike are always looking for new and innovative solutions to make their company stand out from the crowd. If your company works with industrial or commercial systems, a remote monitoring system could do wonders for your business. In today’s IT dominated market, it’s essential to have a fast and efficient method of monitoring multiple system locations at once. Through our CZIOT Platform, we’re proud to offer a complete suite of cloud based monitoring solutions for a variety of industries that can be easily integrated into your company’s current hardware system. Below are some of the benefits of working with a remote monitoring system.

Remote Monitoring Solution Save Time & Increase Work Efficiency
When you use a remote monitoring system to help keep track of your company’s water levels, gas levels or energy levels, you’ll be able to save time by working more efficiently. With an automated cloud-based tracking software, you’ll be able to monitor valuable information in real time from your cell phone, tablet, laptop or computer, without having to travel to multiple sites to do so.
Remote Monitoring Solution Help Proactive Maintenance
If you’re tired of dealing with common irregularities and errors in the workplace, installing a remote monitoring system can help you stay ahead of costly system repairs. When you work with our innovative monitoring software, you’ll be able to manage your assets directly. Additionally, your system will be able to send you critical alerts in real time, so you can be proactive about keeping your system in tip-top shape.

Remote Monitoring Solution Provide Important Insights
If you feel as though you’re not receiving enough important data from your current monitoring system, it may be time to try our CZIOT remote monitoring solution. Dashboards can be customized to your liking and you have the ability to view a variety of insights including trends, alerts and reports.

Remote Monitoring Solution Can Help Minimize Disruptions
Are you tired of daily work disruptions? Are they costing your company thousands of dollars in downtime? A monitoring system will provide you and your employees with around-the-clock remote monitoring so you’ll be able to remedy systems problems as soon as they arise, from anywhere.
CZIOT is proud to offer cutting-edge monitoring solutions for a variety of industrial, utility and manufacturing systems. Whether you need help with water quality monitoring, water tank monitoring, gas monitoring or oil monitoring, our remote monitoring system can help.