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Monitoring of Critical operational parameters in Pharmaceutical Industry :

Problem context:

Pharmaceutical product development is changing. The need to produce significantly higher potency large molecule bio-pharmaceutical drugs to improve efficacy and tailor drugs to the individual needs of a patient puts new pressure on transportation and shipping. The reason is that these newer more complex protein based drugs are highly sensitive to temperature changes, and are often required to be shipped under strict temperature control of typically 2° to 8°C.

Past research says that the global bio-pharmaceuticals market was worth US$ 136 billion in 2014 and is expected to experience a healthy growth rate in the future. In addition to higher potency, efficacy and more personalization, other key factors that will contribute to the growth of the bio-pharmaceuticals industry include higher approval success rates and significantly higher cost of therapy compared to traditional medications.

These bio-pharmaceuticals, being protein based, are highly sensitive to temperature changes, so any excursions in their ideal storage or transportation temperatures can disrupt their protein structure and make them ineffective.


So through the CZIOT platform we intend to optimize the supply chain based on the expiration date, by following the entire process pharma drugs are going through. It is possible to constantly measure conditions and quality of products and controlling these conditions at the same time (temperature, humidity, pH and light). By having these insights and skills we can make better decisions in the supply chain. Assisted by the technology, we need to be much more thoughtful in the decision making processes within the supply chain if we really want to reduce the waste of food.

Cargozipper’s CZIOT platform is a next generation technology platform provides a wireless sensor network to cold chains with an intent to monitor in real-time different parameters to control temperature and humidity that could affect the various commodities in order to improve the quality and quantity of the production.

The solution can be architecturally conceptualized as under:

The main goal of our platform is to enable Real-time monitoring and keep the pharma drugs in good condition before supplying to the market and to curb the loss to the minimum rate .Our platform is fully equipped with high quality and durable hardware(sensors and micro-controllers) and utilizes the next generation internet of things(IOT) technology to stream real-time data to our cloud platform which makes customer acquisition as very simple and scalable depending on the demands and also have low maintenance costs.

Environmental conditions pharma and drugs can be controlled by following parameters:
• Temperature
• Humidity
• Air pressure
• GPS location tracking

CZIOT Hardware module communicate with our cloud platform through any one of Ethernet/Wi-FI/3G-GPRS. It allows to control in real-time the level of different parameters and maintain the quality of your commodities.

Outcome :

CZIOT can assist you to cut your losses and drastically improve your return-of-investment.

Various surveys all over the world suggest that Product losses calculated are about 30% usually due to various environmental parameters variations.

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