Our successful deployment of Pond Monitoring Solution at a leading Fish Seed Farm in North India

This post specifies the details of our successful deployment of Pond Monitoring Solution at a leading Fish Seed Farm in North India employed in Fresh water fish farming:

India is 2nd largest producer of farmed fish in the world (Only 2nd to china) . India’s fisheries (capture & aquaculture) industry grew at an impressive cumulative average growth (CAGR)of 9.5%.  India offers a huge potential for aquaculture development. The country has a coastline of 7,517 km and an extensive river and canal system of about 195.210 km, consisting of 14 major rivers, 44 medium rivers and numerous small rivers and streams. In addition, pond and tank resources are estimated at 2.36 million ha.1 India experienced an eleven-fold increase of fish production in the past six decades.

Recently Indian government also launched an initiative called Blue revolution which intends to improve the productivity in aquaculture farming which is grappling with the issue of Fish mortality due to unpredictable changes in parameters

The aquaculture trade around the world is currently grappling with the issue of acute losses while harvesting and the primary reason for this is lack of control on the water quality leading to either reduction in yield or complete loss of production. A technology based solution is the need of the day so that the aquaculture farmers can produce their crop under lower level of risk.

PranisCOM Cargozippers Pvt Limited,an IoT solution provider in Indian market has come up with a CZIOT (CargoZippers Internet of things) Pond Monitoring System which aims at monitoring in real-time, different critical parameters to control water quality and prevent some diseases that could affect fish in order to improve the production quality and quantity .

Fish Seed Farm – entrepreneur success story in North India

Karnal, Haryana based fish farm specializes in breeding native and exotic fish varieties. Company is engaged into fresh water fish breeding and culture of Indian major carps (Rohu, Mrigala, Catla), Chinese major carps (common carp, grass carp, silver carp), fresh water prawns and Catfishes.

The story of the this Fish Farm in the Karnal district is quoted as an example of the success of a private enterprise. The farm supplies fish seeds and fish to the government and other states and is well-known nationally and internationally.

CZIOT Real-time Pond monitoring system to improve the production

The main goal of the Pond Monitoring Solution deployment is real-time monitoring of critical parameters that allows the company to keep fish in good health before harvesting job as well as mange fish loss to the minimum rate. The company has chosen CZIOT Pond Monitoring Solution, fully equipped with CE certified sensors, because of superior hardware stack, Web/Mobile based interface providing ease of use,Quick return-on-investment and low maintenance cost.

Fish farm deployment functioning diagram

CZIOT Pond Monitoring Solution has been deployed inside the fish farm with sensors collecting data at the depth of about 4 feet from the water surface. Water and fish quality are controlled by the following parameters:

  • Temperature
  • Disolved Oxygen (DO)
  • pH

For ponds which have lack of  electricity supply, CZIOT Pond Monitoring Solution provides a solar panel and a battery in order to ensure a continuous energy supply.

In a second phase of the project the company is going to install CZIOT Ammonium Ion (NH4), sensor , the main indicators of toxicity created by the own excreta of Fish .

CZIOT Pond Monitoring Solution communicate with Cloud platform through 3G/GPRS . The information collected by the Sensors is sent to the Cloud via a GSM/Wifi connection. In subsequent versions, It allows to control in real-time the level of different parameters.



The Depth of the pond was 6 to 7 feets in depth. As the device was connected it started sending the readings s per the customer requirement

Our Business Case

  • Product losses are about 40% in number of animals on an average(mostly because of preventable diseases that can be avoided if water quality is controlled)
  • Real-time monitoring at the fish farm could help to cut down the number of animals lost between 40% and 50%.
  • That gives a substantial and immediate ROI

Value proposition to our Customers

  • 24/7 monitoring of critical parameters.
  • CE certified Sensors providing 98% reliability in readings
  • Strong tracking , Alert management capabilities
  • A cost-efficient and time-saving alternative to manual measurements.
  • Ready-to-use reports for regulatory authorities and internal audits.
  • Strong Business intelligence and predictive models such as shelf life monitoring.
  • Upcoming versions will also have salinity and ammonia measuring capabilities