Latest Trend in Fish Pond Monitoring

Water quality is an important parameter which dominates the quality of life of marine animals. Thus monitoring the quality of water is very important. Some of the important parameters of water to be monitored are water temperature, dissolved oxygen and PH . Fishes are cold blooded creatures and any variation in temperature of water hamper the growth of fishes . Due to abnormal growth of algae and phytoplankton the oxygen level decreases and as a result the fishes might not get enough oxygen which may decreases their chances of surviving which makes dissolved oxygen also an important water parameter. Too much acidity or alkalinity may impact the fish skins, water plants etc and thus keeping the check on the PH levels is equally important. Other sensor which can be used were ultrasonic sensors which would measure the depth of the water in the pond and turbidity sensor which measure water clarity. In some cases nitrate and carbon dioxide content in water is also sensed . The sensors along with the communication module and processing unit form the sensor node.

The internet has changed all the human lives in past decade. The IOT becomes a foundation for connecting things,sensors and other smart technologies. IOT is an extension of the internet .IOT gives an immediate access to information about physical objects and leads to innovative service with high efficiency and productivity. There are several important technologies related to the IOT are ubiquitous computing, RFIP, wireless sensor network, cloud computing.

Cloud computing is a large-scale, low cost processing unit, which is based on IP a connection for calculation and storage .The characteristics of the cloud computing has been discussed . The IoT application areas include home automation, water environment monitoring, and water quality monitoring etc. the water quality monitoring application involves large distributed array of monitoring sensor and a large distribution network .We have introduced a cloud computing based technique for viewing sensor values on the internet and mobile channel.

CZIOT systems Ponds Monitoring system enables the aquaculture farmers to monitor and control the above important parameters in an automated and real-time manner. No longer does costly mistakes in gathering and reporting these parameters are a new normal.