Internet of things enabled remote monitoring, enhancing the quality of aquaculture

The Internet of things is benefiting the manufacturing and industrial world in a number of ways, such as enabling faster communication and enhancing the quality in aquaculture as well as in supply and cold chain. But perhaps the largest benefit is remote monitoring. As more devices become linked to the Internet, store manager or pond manager are able to constantly see various trends and other crucial data in real time, keeping an eye on parameters from any location.

Internet of things enables a constant stream of performance data – something manufacturing professionals didn’t have before this technology. There were often variations in the parameters like pH, Dissolve oxygen, nitrate, ammonia, salinity, temperature in the fish pond. The variations beyond certain limits in these parameters lead to the loss of life in the fish ponds. However, now it is possible to gather real-time insights on various parameters at all times.Remote monitoring systems can enable switching on or off devices ,apart from the monitoring of the parameters.

By focusing the above issues, we have to develop and design a low cost water quality monitoring system that can monitor water quality in real time using internet of things environment. In our proposed system water quality parameters are measured by the different water quality monitoring sensors such as pH,conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature.These sensor-values are processed by the microcontroller and then processed values are sent to cloud or internet through any mode of internet connection like WI-fi, LAN, GSM etc. The processed data can be monitored through our webapp as well as mobile app. Furthermore, with the help of Internet of things environment, we can provide facility to access data remotely from all over the world.

In the past decade, all human life changed because of the internet. The internet of things has been heralded as one of the major development to be realized throughout the internet portfolio of technologies.The Internet of Things  is concerned with interconnecting communicating objects that are installed at different locations that are possibly distant from each other . Internet of Things represents a concept in which, network devices have ability to collect and sense data from the world, and then share that data across the internet where that data can be utilized and processed for various purposes. The internet of things describes a vision where objects become part of internet: where every object is uniquely identified and access to the network .Internet of things  communication is quite different from the traditional human to human communication, bringing a large challenge to existing telecommunication and infrastructure. Furthermore, IOT provides immediate information regarding access to physical objects with high efficiency. The concept of Internet of Things is very much helpful to achieve real time monitoring of sensor data. Internet of Things is a kind of network technology, which is based on information sensing equipments such as RFID, infrared sensors, GPS, laser scanners, gas sensors and so on, can make anything join the Internet to exchange information, according to the protocol, which gives intelligent identification, location and tracking, monitoring and management. The application area of internet of things include building and home automation, smart city project, smart manufacturing of various products, wearables, health care systems and devices,automotive etc.