Remote Monitoring of Critical Parameters Using Next-Generation IOT Technology

It is an established fact that unfavorable fluctuations in critical parameters(Like Temperature, Humidity , Pressure , Dissolved Oxygen) causes lot of catastrophic outcomes. Some examples are wastage in Food supply chain caused by unfavorable fluctuations in temperature, Fish Kills caused by fluctuations in Dissolved Oxygen levels, Increase in airborne survival and transmission of harmful viruses in hospitals caused by fluctuations in temperature and humidity, Protein based Pharma drugs loosing potency due to sensitivity to temperature changes.

8-Feb-2014, New Delhi , India:
Wastage in supply chain is one of the primary cause of erosion in bottom-line in multiple industry segments. There is an urgent need for a real-time solution which gives instant indication just in case there is any threshold violation. In the current industry scenario, either there is negligible automation or Post facto solution available which gives an account of the data after the events have happened. Most of the time , damage is done and industry insights prove that atleast 30-40% wastage is currently a established normal.

The internet has changed all the human lives in past decade. The Internet Of Things becomes a foundation for connecting things,sensors and other smart technologies. IOT is an extension of the internet .IOT gives an immediate access to information about physical objects and leads to innovative service with high efficiency and productivity. There are several important technologies related to the IOT are ubiquitous computing, RFID, wireless sensor network, cloud computing.

Cloud computing is a large-scale, low cost processing unit, which is based on IP a connection for calculation and storage .The IoT application areas include home automation, water environment monitoring, and water quality monitoring etc. the water quality monitoring application involves large distributed array of monitoring sensor and a large distribution network .We have introduced a cloud computing based technique for viewing sensor values on the internet and mobile channel.

We are proud to showcase our next generation internet of things based platform called CZIOT (Cargozippers Internet-of-things) which assists diverse industry verticals to address this compelling issue using our multichannel cloud based platform. The CZIOT platform brings in efficiencies on two dimensions.

1) Real time analytics of data which raises immediate alerts if any of the data point breaches the thresholds. No longer does business need to survive in fear of wastages due to a post-facto analysis of telemetry data.
2) Business Intelligence derived out of historical data which gives actionable business insights to have a continuous improvement of your business. The insights derived here are invaluable and assists businesses to improve their processes.

Our service stack includes an out-of-the-box software platform, Device and module engineering, Command center support.

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