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CZIOT hardware consists of a very efficient micro-controller board equipped with RAM for better processing and ROM for data storage and also it is attached with various sensors and interfaces for data fetching and acquisition as well as streaming to the cloud. Our hardware needs internet connectivity for the data to stream as our devices are based on IOT which strictly needs internet connectivity to work. So, it is capable to connect with the internet by any means like wi-fi, Ethernet(LAN) or through gsm module. The monitoring of the devices are sensors based and there is no limitation with the sensors, you can deploy as many as you want as per the need. These sensors can either be wireless or wired. The micro-controller needs a 5v power supply and internet connection, once it has been installed at the location it does not need any human intervention. The device can monitor the following parameters or sensors

1 Temperature Degree celsius
2 Relative humidity Percent
3 Pressure kPA
4 Carbon monoxide (CO) ppm
5 Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) ppm
6 Dissolved Oxygen mg/L
7 Dissolved Ammonia mg/L
8 Dissolved Nitrogen mg/L
9 PH Moles/L
10 Ozone (O3) dobson
11 Noise decibals
12 Oxygen(O2) ppm
13 Carbon Dioxide (CO2) ppm
14 Ammonia ppm
15 GPS location latlong
16 Luminosity watts
17 Speed Km/Hour
18 Acceleration m/s2
19 Angular velocity Degrees per sec
20 Distance Meters
21 Objects In vicinity +ve Interger

This device gives a real time data processing and monitoring of the above parameters. The first step it does is to acquire the data from the sensor then send it to micro-controller, which is processed by the micro-controller and locally stored and then streamed to the cloud and according to the threshold set by the user it raises an alert. Further it can be resolved by software side and hence the process continues.

Sensors are the building blocks of the hardware, i.e. the system starts from the sensor(either analog or digital). These sensors will provide data through various wired protocols like SPI, UART, I2C and wireless protocols like wifi, Bluetooth, zigbee. The micro-controller can interface multiple sensors at a time.

For the communication between the Interface Device (i.e. micro-controller) and the Gateway, there are number of protocols available but we are using HTTP protocol for the same.

Data management is also an important aspect of the system as different sensors and devices are generating data in different formats and different sizes and consequently the data volume becomes large. To be effective, this data needs to be processed at (near) real-time speeds. In addition to this, it may also need to be stored at different stages of processing like raw data that comes from the sensors for historic reasons, pre-processed data, results of analytics, etc. so for all this we need to store the data locally as well as on cloud.

The next and the last most important step is to visualize the data received and act upon it for that we need a user interface so that a user can take action. The UI can be based on windows ios or android i.e. it may be a mobile app or web application.

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