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Fish farm monitoring by controlling water quality in ponds and tanks

Problem context:

Nothing is more disheartening to a pond owner than a fish kill. Fish kills can be partial or complete and are caused by a variety of factors including low dissolved oxygen, pollutants, Ammonia, Nitrate, PH , temperature extremes, or natural mortality. It’s may not be always possible to avoid a fish kill, but in most cases there are warning signs that the pond owner can look for and correct before it’s too late. But it is very critical for the wholesalers to establish tougher control measures on the quality of fish and also on the farming conditions.

Low dissolved oxygen is the most common cause of fish kills in ponds. Low oxygen levels usually result from combinations of weather conditions and pond characteristics that fall into one of the scenarios described below. Once the problem has reached this point, aeration is the only suitable option a pond owner has to prevent a fish kill. A monitoring system is required by Pond managers to monitor and control these necessary parameters and get instant alerts if they are out-of-bound.


Cargozipper’s CZIOT platform is a next generation technology platform provides a wireless sensor network to fish farms with an intent to monitor in real-time different parameters to control water quality and prevent some diseases that could affect fish in order to improve the quality and quantity of the production.

The solution can be architecturally conceptualized as under:

The main goal of our platform is to enable Real-time monitoring and keep fish in good health before harvesting job as well as mange fish loss to the minimum rate .Our platform is fully equipped with high quality and durable hardware(sensors and micro-controllers) and utilizes the next generation internet of things(IOT) technology to stream real time data to our cloud platform which makes customer acquisition as very simple and scalable depending on the demands and also have low maintenance costs.

Water quality in aquaculture is controlled by following parameters:
• Temperature
• pH
• Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
• Dissolved Ammonia and Nitrogen(In case situation demands)

CZIOT Hardware module communicate with our cloud platform through any one of Ethernet/Wi-FI/3G-GPRS. It allows to control in real-time the level of different parameters and maintain the quality of your fish.

Outcome :

CZIOT can assist you to cut your losses and drastically improve your return-of-investment.

Data world over suggest that Product losses calculated are about 40% usually due to preventable diseases that can be avoided if water quality is controlled. Real-time monitoring at the fish farm could help to cut down the number of animals lost between 40% and 50%.

Water quality monitoring is also essential to meet international regulations that want to assure fish quality and farming conditions. Fish farms facilities can demonstrate that companies have implemented new systems that will put them in much better commercial positions than others that are still working in a traditional way.

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