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CZSCUBE Platform

As a pioneer in using advanced technological changes within the shipping/logistics industry of the modern age of today, our Asset Tracking Systems provide a comprehensive solution for the logistics companies who need a great deal of help for taking stock of their entire inventory and taking hold of all their accountability.

Out-dated systems of tracking Inventory are a thing of the past now. We, at CargoZippers – a contemporary and technologically well-versed organization use Asset Tracking Systems in the shipping industry for tracking shipping containers remotely and with utmost accuracy. This system actually helps in tracking the shipping containers until they are received at the other end. To manage your assets with the help of a tracking system helps companies to record their purchase order information and plan their activities in advance within a database designed digitally.

On the other hand, due to lack of advanced technology, there are many problems faced by liner shipping companies related to unbalanced freight flow network. Even though empty maritime containers are normally piggy-backed on the regular liner services, fuel and handling cost is still incurred and added to the re-positioning cost, which can account for around 27% of the total spending in container management.

The accumulation of empty containers in the surplus areas also binds storage capacities, which can impact port operations. In order to mitigate effects of imbalanced container flows, liner shipping companies search for solutions on strategic, managerial, logistic, IT and technological levels. They are also subject to potential damage when loaded, unloaded, transhipped or carried. In fact, a container can spend on an average 56% of its lifespan either idle or being repositioned while empty.

This represents a non-revenue generating part involving additional costs (such as storage and re-positioning) that are assumed either by the shipping or the leasing company. Such a cost is thus part of the leasing rate and of the full transportation cost. Growing trade imbalances can have a notable impact as more containers will spend additional time idle or being repositioned. About 20% of all the containers carried by maritime transportation are empty. Such containers are complex assets to effectively manage.

The latest remote monitoring technology used by CargoZippers is a revolutionary technology solution for the shipping industry which reduces costs and increases productivity while delivering high performance.

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