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CZIOT Platform

CZIOT platform is a next generation industrial IOT solution conceptualized with a vision to assist complete supply chain industry with better visibility into the critical operational parameters bringing in efficiency in their operations . The solution uses cutting edge software technologies and next generation IOT devices to provide data insights that can transform your business.

Industry use cases

Remote monitoring of food safety throughout the cold chain :Food safety has become a primary issue for the entire food industry; from manufacturers to retailers, from small restaurants to global fast-food chains. Ever-more stringent legislation and increasing demands from customers make constant monitoring and full trace ability essential. CZIOT solution covers both storage and transport and help to ensure compliancy with quality standards such as HACCP, BRC and IFS.To maintain an optimal temperature in huge storages and freezers within the Food Industry, our Online Temperature Monitoring System plays a critical role in keeping the food fresh and healthy for serving their clients. Whenever the temperature falls outside the optimal temperature, a lot of money goes down the drain in case the food gets spoilt.

Remote monitoring of ambient conditions at a manufacturing location :

Controlling the air temperature near machinery on the factory floor is essential; in others, gas must be monitored to keep compliance within authorized levels of concentration. Another important consideration for any manufacturing facility is how best to optimize processes, to reduce costs while ensuring quality. Manufacturing controls require continuous measurement of environmental variables, making this ideal terrain for CZIOT technology solution.

Remote monitoring of air quality in urban cities :

A clean air supply is essential to our own health and that of the environment. But since the industrial revolution, the quality of the air we breathe has deteriorated considerably – mainly as a result of human activities. The issue of air quality is still a major concern for many urban cities across the globe. Many countries are working to improve air quality by controlling emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, improving fuel quality, and by integrating environmental protection requirements into the transport and energy sectors. CZIOT can be used to control public transportation and monitor environmental parameters in Urban cities across the world.

Remote monitoring of critical environmental parameters in pharmaceutical value chain :

Pharmaceutical products must be handled and transported under strictly controlled environmental conditions. Even the slightest increase in temperature while handling the products can lead to deterioration, invalid results and considerable losses in revenue. This makes permanent monitoring of these critical parameters essential. Many countries have published guidelines on Good Distribution Practices (GDP) for the logistics of medicinal products for human use. Mapping, validation and monitoring of the Cold and Ambient supply chain are key to be in line with these guidelines. CZIOT solution helps you to accomplish compliance with regulations , by providing certainty about the exact circumstances under which products or samples have been stored, handled or transported.

Remote monitoring of critical parameters across Hospitals :

Any healthcare scenario requires controlling of critical parameters in various situations like Laboratory, Blood storage, Pharmacy, Kitchen. CZIOT solution enables monitoring of critical parameters across storage and transport. Significant components within the hospital industry including vaccines, storage of donated blood, medicines and culture labs need to be kept at an optimal temperature to prevent getting spoilt from fluctuations in temperature and humidity. This is taken care by our Online Temperature Monitoring System.

Our Solution

Real Time Track and trace :Vehicle Location, routes, Driving pattern.

Predictive Fleet management Service : ETA of the vehicle, Geofencing to track optimally and effectively.

Environment monitoring and controlling service : CargoZipper’s EMC service ensures the environmental aspects of Cargo is monitored and Controlled within acceptable limits: Some of the parameters which can be monitored are: Temperature and Humidity 2) Ambient Light 3) Pressure 4) Magnetic field 5) Noise levels 6) Acceleration, Compass , Gyro , Inclination, Orientation 6) Pollutants.

Analytics Service : The analytic module will give a deep insight into supply chain operations and will enable a visibility into areas where a business can improve.

Our Key Differentiation:

Typical applications include the measurement of critical parameters of Perishable products during manufacturing/warehousing/transportation/Retail , environmental conditions in pharmaceutical clean-rooms and hospitals, Energy sector.

CZIOT solution enables close and comprehensive monitoring of critical operational parameters such as Temperature,Pressure, Humidity,Gas levels,Magnetic field,Speed,Acceleration which covers a complete gamut of supply chain and enables a rapid response in the event of deviations. With its unique combination of enterprise mobility and web-based software, it also provides a cost-efficient and time-saving alternative to manual measurements.

The strong industry knowledge built into the solution enables businesses embrace best global best practices an compliance framework. The special focus on Business intelligence and predictive modeling enables smart and proactive decision making based on insights derived from real-time and historical data.

CZIOT in a nutshell

    ■ 24/7 monitoring of critical temperature, humidity, CO2-levels, over pressure, under pressure, power usage.
    ■ Strong tracking , Alert management and environmental management service.
    ■ A cost-efficient and time-saving alternative to manual measurements.
    ■ Ready-to-use reports for regulatory authorities and internal audits.
    ■ Automated Alerts in case of deviations.
    ■ Strong Business intelligence and predictive models such as shelf life monitoring.

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